Lisa Finn Powell

Writer. Vocalist. Choir Leader. Team Building Facilitator.
Lisa has decades of experience as a writer and columnist and has recently authored her first book, 'Daddy Tattoos'. With an extensive musical background, Lisa is a vocal coach and choir leader and performs as a vocalist and bandleader. In recent years, she has combined and complemented these disciplines as a workshop leader and team building facilitator.


Lisa Finn-Powell is an American/Londoner/Aussie, with vast experience as a writer/team building facilitator/singer/choir leader/vocal coach and slash mark collector. Born and raised in the USA, she spent two decades living and working in London and is now happily ensconced in Australia.

She has a media background as an author, creative director, humour columnist, reporter, copywriter, producer, editor, voice-over talent, on-air personality, speaker and workshop leader. Her writing focuses on lifestyle, food, art, travel, grief, education, birth, parenting and immigration. Her articles and columns have been published on-line and in newspapers and magazines around the world.

Her first book 'Daddy Tattoos’, is a poignant memoir of a journey through grief.

In her music world, she is a dynamic singer/bandleader, a talented choral conductor/choir director and an inspiring vocal coach/singing teacher. She has performed at venues around the world playing pop, rock, jazz and swing, in various bands, orchestras and The Lisa Finn Powell jazz trio.

In 2015, she founded a team building and leadership development business, Inspire Harmony, that combines her skills as a writer and musician to deliver innovative workshops across the globe.

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