Author, columnist & feature writer

Lisa has three decades of experience as a writer, having lived, worked and published in the USA, UK and Australia. As a journalist, she has mainly written lifestyle’s and human interest pieces. As a copywriter she has written for tv, radio, print and web. In 2016 Lisa authored her first book, 'Daddy Tattoos'.


Author of the recent memoir Daddy Tattoos

'Daddy Tattoos’, is a journey through grief after the death of her first husband, Paul, in 2005. Almost overnight, she went from being a lawyer’s wife and mother of four young children, to a penniless, homeless, widow forced to navigate an uncertain future. Funny and heartbreaking, it is a brutally honest account of her struggle with anger, pain, shame, paranoia, forgiveness and love.


Humour columnist for newspaper and magazine

Her columns have been published on-line and in newspapers and magazines in several countries. Her parenting and travel columns have appeared in the Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, Illinois, USA and Green Parenting magazine in the UK. Her work as a columnist is among her favourite because she loves getting to say whatever she wants! Check out some of her columns here.

Feature Writer

Journalist, reporter and feature writer

Her articles have been published on-line and in newspapers and magazines in several countries. She has primarily written lifestyle’s and human interest pieces with a focus on parenting, travel, art, grief, education, birth and immigration. As a reporter, she has covered everything from the Pier Walk sculpture exhibition in Chicago to the 7/7 London bombing. See her articles here.

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